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Notes: A basic page will consist of photos and info consistent with a particular theme or event. Pages will not scroll for an unreasonable length. For example, if a night spot has a food menu, a drink menu and an entertainment schedule, that would probably be 3 pages. However, if a place had a drink menu and a statement that snacks were available or a statement like “Nightly Entertainment”, that could all go on 1 page. Everything is negotiable.

A business page will contain not more than 3 photos along with text information. Photo are large and will slow down the time it takes a page to load. A killer for any business.

Advanced coding such as scrolling photos, etc will incur an additional fee that can be discussed.

For advertising, all contracts will be for a minimum of three months time.

All above rules can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis in an effort to meet a client’s unique desires.

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