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An online presence can give you all the advertising space you need all in one neat package. If you have business, you need a website!

Misawa Web Design:

  1. allows you to establish an online presence.
  2. gets you a site at home business rates.
  3. offers two web hosting options
    1. We can build your pages and load them on our server. This will get you online but you will not have your own web address (URL). Your link would look like http://www.misawajapan.com/yourbusiness. This might be OK if you won't promote your site and don't care about search engine recognition, site statistics, etc. The other big drawback to this option is that it’s not mobile. When you leave here, the link will come down and you will have to start over again at your next location.
    2. Get your own domain name and web host. I can still build your page. Whether you are simply creating a blog to share your experiences with the folks back home or you are starting the next mega-congolmerate, you need your own domain name and web host to create and maintain name recognition. If you are serious about growing a business, this is the option for you. I will help you obtain a domain name and site hosting package with one of the leaders in the field, www.GoDaddy.com They offer a variety of options designed to fit your needs and your budget. Order the domain name and hosting package together and get the domain name free. When you click the link create and account and then choose Get Website Hosting. I can help.

      This option lets you:
      1. Load your pages directly to http://www.YourSiteName.com.
      2. Your site won't change when you move (just change contact info).
      3. Build Business Name Recognition.
      4. Keep control over your own pages.
      5. Make changes or update whenever you like.
      6. Get Search Engine recognition (However, no one can guarantee how good the listing will be.)
      7. Get Site Statistics (hits and page views, demographics, etc) This service is available from third party websites. You can find some free ones.
      8. Easy set-up and user-friendly control panel for managing your site.
      9. Personalized Email addresses. (i.e. YourName@YourSiteName.com or info@YourSiteName.com).

So, once again, you can register your own domain name or you can have us load your pages on MisawaJpaan.com. Either way, we will build your site. Confused? Drop me an email and I’ll help you get it straight.

Then again, you can always choose to use a Blog. Go to our Hosting page and click the Word Press graping on the right.


There are various options and we can discuss them. It is possible to get a basic online presence for less that $100. This includes a site name, hosting support and web page building.


For more info or to set up an appointment, call me on my cell phone at 09010-62-1424 or complete this short form and I will reply via email.

Notes: A basic page will consist of photos and info consistent with a particular theme or event. Pages will not scroll for an unreasonable length. For example, if a night spot has a food menu, a drink menu and an entertainment schedule, that would probably be 3 pages. However, if a place had a drink menu and a statement that snacks were available or a statement like “Nightly Entertainment”, that could all go on 1 page. Everything is negotiable.

A business page will contain not more than 3 photos along with text information. Photo are large and will slow down the time it takes a page to load. A killer for any business.

Advanced coding such as scrolling photos, etc will incur an additional fee that can be discussed.

For advertising, all contracts will be for a minimum of three months time.

All above rules can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis in an effort to meet a client’s unique desires.

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