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There are 6 campgrounds in the Lake Towada area. Three are very close to the lake and the other three are a little beyond the lake, close to Mt. Hakkoda. However, all 6 locations are within a 30-minute drive of each other.

Follow these instructions to get to the lake. Then continue with the individual instructions below for the specific place you are looking for.


Once you reach the far end of Oirase Gorge and arrive at the lake, you are in Nenokuchi town. turn right to continue on 102. Nenokuchi campground is about 1.6Km the road. It's about 2 hours from Misawa.

Facilities are poor and bare-boned. They have cabins with kitchens, toilets and electricity. The campsite has a public toilet and a community kitchen with running water.


Kachokeikoku is to the left as you arrive at the lake. It is about 3.2km. You will go around several curves and then a long straight stretch. You will see a boat dock on the right just after leaving a wooded area. Continue around a curve and over a small bridge until you see a large parking area on your left. This is the place.
This campground is very large and very clean. There are portable toilets near the camping area and but there are cleaner ones near the main office.


Utarube is located further west on 103. After you pass Kachokeikoku, you will go thru a small village with a stoplight. Go around a curve (there's a gas station on the right). you will see a wooded area and then a path into the woods on the right. This path leads to the campsite. They say fishing is good at this part of the lake. It's about a 2 hour drive from Misawa.
They are open from 1 July to 31 Oct. Fees are 200 Yen per tent plus 300 Yen per person. They also have bungalow and cabins. The cabins have showers, toilets, and electricity.


This is the cleanest of the campgrounds and is located at the lake. It is about 11km past Utarube. Continue west on Rt 103 towards Yasumiya. After 8km, you will come to a small village with a blue sign showing Odate to the left and Yasumiya to the right (this is where they have the fireworks). At the fork, keep to the left towards Odate. After about 3km Oide will be on the left. They have toilets, new showers, and a coin laundry. Fishing is also allowed in this part of the lake. Oide is the closest grounds to Yasumiya.


Takinosawa is located at the northwest end of the Lake. Continue along 103 as it winds around the lake and through the mountains. The campground offers bungalows, rental tents and community kitchen with running water, public restrooms and individual campsites.
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