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12 - 14 July 2019

This festival is only at night from 6 to 8:30pm. It consists of games, music and traditional Tanabata Decorations.

While July 7th is the actual Tanabata observance, many towns hold their observances later in the month. Hachnohe’s festivities take place in the shopping streets near the City Hall.

Check out the Tanabata Legend

Directions: To get there, go out the POL Gate and at the 12th traffic light, turn left onto the Michinoku Expressway bypass. Pay the ¥200 toll and get a ticket from the attendant. Continue straight past Shimoda Mall and get off at the next exit (Kita Hachinohe) and pay the toll (¥150).
Follow the exit road for about 100 yards until you come to a traffic light. Turn right at the light and you will be on Route 45. Follow this road for about 6 KM or 8 traffic lights. After you go over a long bridge, there will be a McDonald’s on the right-hand side. Turn right. Proceed for 4 traffic lights and turn right again. Then turn left at the next light which is in front of Hon-Hachinohe station. After about three hundred yards, you will take a hard right that takes you along side City Hall. You can park in the pay parking lot there. There are other parking garages further down the road near the department stores.

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