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18 - 21 August 2022

Festival Float
Floats Are Made by the Community

Young ladies playing traditional flute
Young Ladies Playing Tradtional Flutes

Float Drummer
Float Drummer

Portable Shrine
Portable Shrine (Mikoshi)


Disclaimer before we begin. The info here is accurate as far as I can tell but things change and I don't get the word. So if I am not sure about something, I will say so.

On Thursday evening, they have a FLOAT DISPLAY and the MATSURI BAYASHI (Drum and Flute) competition. This event used to take place in the Miss Veedol Dome across the street from the 100 Yen shop near McDonalds. The float display begins at 6pm with the Ohayashi beginning shortly therafter. I have also seen it at American Village outside the main gate. Sorry, I don't know for sure.
The Main Gate will close for vehicle taffic at 4pm on 25 Aug and remain closed until 5pm on 27 Aug. The Levitow (Commissary Gate will be open during this periof.


The first float parade takes place on Friday. The floats begin their route at 6:30pm. They used to begin from the intersection just up the hill from the east entrance of the Misawa Train Station. This route info is tentative. They head north to the main road that goes over the railroad tracks and turn right and go up the hill. They continue on this road all the way to City Hall (with a short dip on to and off of 30 Meter Road. At City Hall they turn left and head towards the base and turn left again and go up Main Street. According to my info, they go up to the main intersection by True Value store and that ends it.
Here is a rough route map. The start time is accurate. Other times are approximate. (They have been known to vary their route, so please accept my disclaimer now.)

On Sunday at 1pm the floats will repeat the beginning of the route they took on Friday. However, at the True Value intersection they will turn left onto Main street and go down to the Sky Plaza intersection and turn right and go to Central Park (train park) where they will take a break. After the break they leave the park and turn left at City Hall and go up to 30-meter oad where they will end. AGain I don't know if the route has changed this year.
Here is a rough route map.



AT 1pm, there will be Folk Dancing demonstration at American Mura (location is tentative).
3pm is the start of the Costume Parade. It begins at City Hall and makes it way up City Hall Road past the intersection at 30-meter road an on to the True Value supermaket intersection. Then they turn right onto Main Street. They end the route at Sky Plaza.
This is followed at 4:30PM by the Nagashi Odori (tradtional Obon Japanese dance) Parade. However they begin at the Max Value end of Main Street and follow the costume parade and they end at Sky Plaza.
Then at about 5:30 Mikoshi (portable shrine) Festival Parade begins. They also begin at the top of Main Street and end up at Sky Plaza.

I apologize for the tentative info listed above. My old source for this info is not longer involved so I have now way of getting word about any changes. The best thing to do is go to Main Street (shopping st., yellow brick road) at the times listed and wait. They will always end up on this road.

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Mikoshi Parade
Bon Odori
Parade Float

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