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Bottom Line Up Front − Please consider making a donation to the volunteer staff of one.


Now the full story. My name is Lee Martin and I am the webmaster, journalist, editor, researcher, programmer, graphics designer, chief cook and bottle washer for www.misawajapan.com, www.misawaevents.com, the About Japan e-book series and the Misawa Events Facebook group.

Even though I labor mostly in anonymity, I take great pride in the fact that thousands of you temporary Misawans as well as folks coming to Misawa and family and friends back home access my pages regularly. I get over 25,000 hits per month on the two sites. The info there must be of interest cause so many of you keep coming back. That’s extremely gratifying.

Time for the sob story. All this takes a lot of time to research, compile, format, type and publish. I enjoy doing it but with over 200 pages on the web sites it has become quite a bit more than a hobby, time and effort wise.

With this in mind I am asking you to consider making a donation to the cause. Any amount at all will help defray the expenses that come with this venture. Bills include web hosting package, printer ink, and wear nad tear on my equipment. It would be like buying me a cold beer!

Please trust that regardless of how many, if any, people decide to help me out, I will still do my best to let everyone know what is going on around herefor as long as I am able. Being USAF retired and then really retired(too early − thanks sequestration), I do have the time but living on a pension is Japan is not an easy thing to do.

So thank you in advance for your generosity. You can help me out by going to this PayPal link. (If you get a window that says "Your Locale isn't recognized" or something that effect, please click the "select new location" and choose the U.S.) Thanks. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
The WebMaster, et al

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