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AP Alley

Richard Bong Theater, 61
Richard Bong Theater, 1961.
Richard Bong Theater, 03
Richard Bong Theater, 2003.
Richard Bong Theater (Training Facility), 09
Richard Bong Theater (training facility), 2009.
All three theater photos are the same basic building. It has undergone extensive renovation.

Old Library
Old Library, the Shoppette unti 2009, gone now.
New Library
New Library
along with the new bowling Center and Gym extension
sit where the football field used to be (behing the gym).

Base HQ Building
The base HQ building was in use until early 2003.
New Base HQ
Base HQ, 2003

Original Static Club
Original Static Club,
It's been an empty field since the late 1970s.
Off Base Snack Bar
Off Base Snackbar,
also gone since the mid to late 1970s

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